I landed in the cryptocurrency space, thankfully, already wielding a healthy sense of skepticism. That didn’t help that much, unfortunately, because I quickly got sucked in by the promises of Bitcoin.

I still relish in those promises. They’re glorious in a niche way: some semblance of privacy, a new ability…

Photo by Matt Walsh

It’s been a truly whirlwind six months.

I lost my mother, left the home I grew up in, saw the weird effects of COVID on society, and have gotten some recognition for writing.

For the last part, I have all of you to thank. So yeah, let’s start this off…

I don’t suffer from FOMO (or “Fear of missing out”) anymore, but I used to.

Let me tell you about the worst trade I ever made.

Once In A Lifetime

Familiarize yourself with the phrase “once in a lifetime” if you’re interested in finance, because you’re going to see it a lot. …

There’s a helluva lot of news dropping today:

  • Coinbase is going forward with its direct listing (with open price estimated to be anywhere from $300–$400)
  • Gary Gensler is being confirmed to head the SEC
  • and Bernie “The Ponz” Madoff died

Which is why it probably seems trivial to be discussing…

Though I am keen on stepping away from Medium and cryptocurrency in general for awhile, I can’t help but come back for the current scam — and yeah, I’m calling it a scam — that’s taken cryptocurrency advocates by storm: Bitclout.

The details of Bitclout have unraveled over the past…

I’ve now spent over three years monitoring the cryptocurrency space, largely focusing on Tether and Bitfinex. This has been — as much as coiners like to pretend every nocoiner is salty and upset — a truly incredible and rewarding experience.

Some cool stuff I’ve learned about since being here:

  • how…

The past 50 years have seen an unprecedented level of stability and cooperation in the world — despite the 24 -hour news cycle suggesting otherwise. Violence is down, wars are down, the middle class (worldwide) has grown, child mortality rates are down, and literacy is up. …

Cas Piancey

Fraud. Fraud everywhere.

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