Goals and Cryptocurrency

Cas Piancey
2 min readMar 21, 2021

I’ve now spent over three years monitoring the cryptocurrency space, largely focusing on Tether and Bitfinex. This has been — as much as coiners like to pretend every nocoiner is salty and upset — a truly incredible and rewarding experience.

Some cool stuff I’ve learned about since being here:

  • how corporate fraud works
  • how Bitcoin and Ethereum operate
  • how offshore incorporation and banking is used for obfuscation
  • how to use free, publicly accessible tools to research companies, executives, and scammers
  • patience


I’ve previously written about how I wanted to delve into other areas of fraud outside the scope of cryptocurrency. Since then, hopefully, I’ve done a decent job of fulfilling that goal:

But it’s become time to focus, not just produce some free content for the people I like.

Idea to Idea

I’ve seen a lot of people “announce announcements” on Twitter. That’s not what I’m here to do.

I’m actually really excited about what I’m pursuing right now and I’m happy to share those pursuits with the people who read these Medium articles.

First of all, Bennett Tomlin and I are working on a book about Tether and Bitfinex. We’ve been working on this book for awhile, and while we’ve both made casual progress I feel that it’s time to hunker down and get it done before it’s too late. So a fair share of my time will be devoted to that.

The other project that I’ll be embarking on with a couple friends is called “50 States, 50 Frauds”. Basically, I’m going to go through the largest or most interesting frauds to erupt out of all 50 states. Clearly some states have had more large-scale frauds than others (NY, CA, TX), so, yeah, I’ll be devoting a little extra time to those places, but the goal remains the same: bring attention to frauds and prove that it’s not just commonplace, but can effect anyone.

I have goals that are loftier and more difficult to accomplish, but I’m putting those goals off until I accomplish these two very important ones.

…Why Are You Telling Us This?

Because you’re going to see my output on Medium significantly drop and my Twitter account end up much quieter than it was before.

This is me telling you that,

  1. I’m fine and working hard.
  2. I’ll be back relatively soon with new content.
  3. Expect more than articles: will be doing audio, having friends help with illustrations, and ***maybe even creating some videos***

Anyway, I think that’s all I have to share for now.

Appreciate the ongoing support and remember to stay skeptical, friends.