In Defense of Skepticism and Cynicism

Here We Go Again

Now, after a dramatic and glorious run up in price in the Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurreny spaces, the same people who heralded “Tether Truthers” as “conspiracy theorists” and “goal post movers” are back at it again. Why? Because Tether and Finex are on an intensive PR push — and it’s working very effectively.

What are Skepticism and Cynicism?

Seems lousy to make a finance piece turn into a philosophy article, but…

Alexander the Great asking Diogenes what single wish he’d like granted — Diogenes replying “(For you to) stand out of my light.”

Auditing and Skepticism/Cynicism

Auditing relies on both skepticism and cynicism. To audit a company or individual — financially or otherwise — means you are looking over their paperwork and asking them questions. Additionally, if you’re someone such as an auditor for the IRS or an internal auditor for a large corporation, one needs some degree of cynicism and untrustworthiness to the counterparty — if the individual is able to prove their truth, then the numbers or explanations are accepted and life goes on.



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