It’s A Nocoiner’s World

A Coiner is Born

Social Media and a Descent into Crypto Hell

  1. The Scammers: These folks have been involved in fraud, usually, long before Bitcoin existed, so they’re manipulative and convincing. People that often fall into this category are white label exchange owners, crypto lenders, and ICO founders.
  2. The Fools: As the turn of phrase goes, “For every sucker born, there’s two to take him.” The fools, while certainly not outnumbering The Scammers, are flushed with cash — be they trust fund babies or new money tech bros.
  3. The Satirists: This group includes some of my favorites, such as Buttcoin and David Gerard, who really don’t care what happens to Bitcoin, other than it gives them an opportunity to make fun of people confident in their poor decisions.
  4. The Chicken Littles: I include myself in this list, along with the likes of Bitfinex’ed and others who warned about a Bitcoin collapse before its drop to 3.2k, but continue to warn about the possible issues to this day. People like this rarely highlight positive aspects of cryptocurrency and some believe most projects are headed for zero.
  5. The True Believers ™: These people are “voluntarists” or libertarians and therefore believe the only way forward is without government and without a government regulated currency. They care less about trading and more about holding a non-government or government-regulated commodity/currency/asset.

Information Gathering Is Hard

A Nocoiner is Born

Bitcoin’s fall from grace took a year and was ugly

Moving On and Seeing the BS

Dollar Dominance in World Finance circa 2017 — via The Hoover Institute
The ever decreasing velocity of the dollar is a cause for concern, especially as we enter a likely depression
But at the same time, it’s impossible to ignore the dollar dominance, regardless of where one is in the world



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