April 12th, 2020. Early morning and not only am I awake, but I’m perturbed.


This is the day that Jesus apparently rose from the dead, and this particular Easter he comes bearing the gift of unrelenting bad news.

Thanks, Jesus.

I stare across the landscape of this once bustling city. What was a two-hour morning rush hour doesn’t exist any longer. The dozens of planes in the sky at any given time have been whittled down to one or two. Pollution? A thing of the past. I used to dream about days, weeks, months like this, but now, I’m worried.

I tend to think of worry, in general, as a poor personality trait. If you’re worrying, you’re spending time thinking about a problem instead of acting to create a solution. Yet here I am, worrying. Not writing enough. Not reading enough. Not doing enough.

I suppose it’s a stretch to think writing and reading are accomplishing a goddamn thing in these, “trying times.” I often stop and think of how delivery drivers and chefs are frontliners, far braver, far more extraordinary than most commentators — online or otherwise.

Then I post on Medium or Twitter.

Times Aren’t A-Changin’

Don’t let this learning opportunity pass you by if you care about finance, fraud, etc. The next couple years will help you see the pros and cons of the system we live in and how it’s likely to change after this catastrophe.

Goodbye, for, like, a Minute

“There is no such thing as boring, only boring people.” My mom used to preach that to me. I feel boring on Twitter and I don’t like to think I’m a boring person, so I’m leaving.

Hopefully I’ll be back pretty soon. I love my Twitter familia deeply and want to contribute in a meaningful way again. Once I’ve learned more and have something to share, I’ll return. Thanks for the years of support.

Take care of yourselves,

Cas Piancey

Fraud. Fraud everywhere.