Tether Is Good

All The Things Tether Can Afford Besides A Proper Attestation Or Audit

Lately, Tether, Bitfinex, and Deltec have prided themselves on all the generous giving they’ve been able to accomplish. I think we should offer them a round of applause and look into these causes that are more important than allaying the concerns of investors and observers.

Tether Donates $1 Million to Hurricane Dorian Relief

Tether, in September of 2019, pledges $1 million to Hurricane Dorian relief. Quite a wonderful gesture, but it comes with a few caveats.

Just a basic website with nothing to it and no pages besides a landing page sums up Deltec Cares, the charity of choice for Tether.
“Donations and your use of the site are subject to Tether’s terms of service”
The donations visible on the blockchain.

Tether Sponsors Omni Development

While it’s unclear how much money is going toward helping the Omni Foundation, it’s clear that Tether is sponsoring work on the once single layer where Tether’s were issued. They do not mention any other sponsors.

Tether Pays Peter McCormack’s Legal Fees

In January of 2020, Peter McCormack confirms through Twitter that Tether is “helping with the costs of legal fees.” We do not know what this means — if they are providing pro bono lawyers, funds to pay lawyers, or some other form of financial or legal help — but we do know that Tether is supporting McCormack.

Tether Invests in the “Blockchain Star Citizen”

And finally, it’s with joy that I can say that Tether has chosen to invest (donation would be too strong a word, I suppose) in Samson Mow’s version of Star Citizen, but with cryptocurrencies (that trade on a secondary market… sound like a scary and bad idea?).

CoinDesk reported on the investment



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