Tether Isn’t Just Its Marketcap

Tether’s Transparency Page
Bitcoin’s marketcap stands at $156 billion as of writing this article

Enter Velocity and FUD

These are two very different concepts, and one takes a little more to dissect than the other, so we’re going to start with velocity.

Enter Stablecoins and Wash Trading

It is nearly impossible to find a reliable price aggregation website that provides data subtracting all wash trading volumes in cryptocurrency. What’s wash trading?

Notice the velocities of larger stablecoin operators range from 87% to 900%. Tether always leads the pack.

What Happens When the Fake Volume Disappears?

No one really knows, do they? There’s numerous theories — from the classic Bitfinex’ed ‘Bitcoin couldn’t recover’ to, ‘it’d be a tiny blip on the Bitcoin map to a million.’ What do I think would happen?


If volumes witnessed on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and other coin aggregators were to suddenly appear significantly smaller, quickly, would the response from traders and talking heads online be calm, fair dialogue?



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