Let’s Talk About Tor, Baby

The Myths

  1. Tor and hidden services are only needed by criminals or criminal entities to conceal their misdeeds.
  • False. Tor is used by bloggers, anonymous sources, journalists, and people in countries that block access to normal sites and shut down VPNs regularly (see: China, Iran, etc.). Oh, and even The New York Times maintains a .onion site, so therefore they MuSt bE cRiMiNaLs. Visit their webpage if you have the Tor web browser by clicking here. If you don’t have Tor yet, here’s how the page appears:
The NYT’s .onion page as of October 24th
  • While there are available methods to anonymously purchase and maintain a website (ie; buying cryptocurrencies anonymously and paying a domain service that accepts cryptocurrencies to purchase domain for you), there are numerous flaws with this: many individuals don’t want exposure to cryptocurrencies or don’t want to risk attempting to acquire it anonymously, using cryptocurrency instantly exposes someone — who may be living in poverty — to increased volatility and downside, and finally, it’s much simpler for a country’s firewall to block your single website, than continuously block new .onion addresses spun up.
  • Freedom Hosting, while certainly guilty of this crime, isn’t a good example of a good actor within the Tor network. Despite requests to have sites taken down, or reports by users, Freedom Hosting allowed all sites to remain up. This will always get you in trouble, and any Tor web hosting service should be aware of that.

Why I am a Supporter of Tor



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