Zhao Dong: The Final Word

“When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get F*cked”

Scrolling through the annals of cryptocurrency past, I stumbled upon an interesting article from 2017 entitled Two Brothers Arrested in Bitcoin Laundering Scheme, featured in Flanders Today (a small newspaper that covers the Flanders region of Belgium).

via Flanders Today
Zhao Dong won’t spend three decades behind bars, but he’s almost certainly sitting behind bars now.

He’s Hard To Find, Oh Well, Whatever, Never Mind

The majority of the cryptocurrency space either willfully ignored Zhao Dong’s disappearance months ago or purposefully stayed silent. Why though?

It’s Just a Little Money Laundering, It’s Still Good, It’s Still Good!

Okay, we have an idea of who Zhao Dong is, why he matters, why his friends aren’t coming to his aid, but is there a conclusion here? Sorta.

The last time Zhao Dong was seen on Telegram, Twitter, WeChat or Weibo: a long time ago.
Price chart for RenRenBit token from beginning-to-current time, via CoinGecko.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This seems like an apt time to make sure other OTC traders and cryptocurrency proponents in China understand the risks involved with the game they’re playing. This might be an absurd lesson, but I truly believe Zhao Dong’s biggest mistake was returning to Chinese soil — if he’d stayed in Japan (or perhaps further afield) I wouldn’t be writing this article today.

Don’t Hate the Player

I don’t hate Zhao Dong.



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