Cypherpunklabs: A Skeptic’s Lesson



A Storm’s (and Some Hurricanes) a-Brewin’

Myths, Legends

  • Net Worth
  • Experience

Net Worth

  • he has 20,000 Bitcoin <<somewhere>> (~roughly $380,000,000, if we include fork coins, too)
  • he regularly mixed 10 BTC at a time
  • he couldn’t sign any early coins because “IRS”


  • knows who Satoshi is (and insists anyone can figure it out)
  • friend’s with Satoshi’s wife
  • determined vulnerability to take down all BTCcore nodes (also Lightning Network vulnerabilities and Signal vulnerabilities)
  • created a neighborhood-wide meshnet to identify intruders in the area
  • used to work for the NSA/FBI
  • ability to turn a welding machine into a power generator (?)

The First Excuse

The Second (More Private) Excuse

  • publicly disclose this information
  • take responsibility for spending money inappropriately
  • start the company


  • he was going to hire two fulltime developers to work on the project/site (for what and why and with what money?)
  • he was going to be running upwards of 1/3 of all Tor exit nodes
  • he had spoken to @ pokkst about a massive purchase of 50 BCH worth of exit nodes


It’s Important To Admit




Fraud. Fraud everywhere.

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Cas Piancey

Cas Piancey

Fraud. Fraud everywhere.

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